What do you think, what comes in your mind first when you hear the United Kingdom? Yes, UK is a leader, it is a world leader and leads in many areas of educations also like Engineering, Medical Science, arts and designing, Finance, law, and management. The UK is a repudiated nation as it is known for its scientific researches. This makes it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. For general knowledge, let me aware that the UK is only one percent of the world’s population but it is responsible for eight percent of global scientific publications.

Why Study In UK ?

The UK has a different education system and laws that give students the freedom to combine courses or subjects from different areas so that they can tailor their degrees as per their needs and interest. The UK has excellent education and good quality lifestyle too. You will surely enjoy studying in the UK and get to learn so much, many personal changes come in you, how to adapt to other places, other countries, how to mix-up with new people, new languages, new cultures, and many more.

UK is also known as home to the oldest universities in the world, the University of Cambridge, the UK is the production house of some of the brilliant and brightest personalities across the world like William Shakespeare, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, and many more like them. Study in the UK is the precious chance for gaining world-class education from high-ranking universities in the world also with top-class faculties, infrastructures, activities, etc. The one who studies in the UK has the opportunity to be taught by some of the world’s best leading academics and experts, whose papers and books are cited in researches and studies.

English is the official language of the UK, so this is also a chance for you to develop your English language skills. Also in UK English is spoken in a variety of other dialects with different accents. Immigrants have been welcomed in the UK for decades, so this will be proven a valuable chance to learn different things both in personal and academic life and a chance to build networks. For international students, UK is the best place, you will find an array of exciting experiences ahead of you and have the opportunity to discover exotic places like Scones, London Bridge and will meet new people, new friends.

Edu Brain Overseas will help you in getting your dream college in the UK, just go through our site once and follow the process step by step, it is not so difficult, and we guide you through this process so that you will not find any problem in getting admission in the top university of UK. Right from world-recognized universities to innovative teaching approaches and the leading mind who deliver it, UK has all that you need to reach your potential. UK’s degree is valued in the whole world; you can get admission in PG courses in any other countries along with scholarship and also get a job in any part of the world very easily. This will increase your value amongst your peers.

The UK provides each and every type of course; you will get everything every course which you need, as the UK is leading in education across the world. The UK has one of the most diverse subjects offering available anywhere in the world. Let’s have a quick look at some of the courses:

Engineering (in all specialization)



University in Finance

Computer & IT

Film production course

Society, Culture and Media course.


University in Architecture


Strategic Marketing

Creative Enterprise

Mathematics and computing for Finance

Politics & Philosophy

Medical Science Architecture

Tourism & Marketing Management

Went to the UK to study is a great chance to expand your skills and knowledge, meet new people, get new experience, and enjoy a new culture. You are going to experience great student life and plenty of support at university. UK universities have an up-to-date and high-quality education system in the whole world. The universities of the UK offer a high range of UG & PG courses and link courses or you can say a combined course to make a degree that suits your requirement and interest. If you requested a special course, the faculty at the universities create customize modules to retrofit into the academic courses for you. The UK is the perfect place to pursue your interest both on and off-campus.

The cost is the first thing which hit the students' and parents' minds about studying in the UK. However, the average tuition fee in the majority of universities and colleges in the UK ranges from $6000 - $7000 per year. Your living expansions in the UK will depend on your choice of accommodation, lifestyle, interests, residence, and area where you live. As the UK is the leading nation so it is pretty much costly than any other country. The cost of living in the UK is higher than any other Western Europe and also the Tuition fee of students here is higher than anywhere else in Europe. If you choose to live in London it may a bit costly than others but in general, costs are reasonable.

Tuition Fees

However, since the UK has highly ranked for considering the best universities in the world with a world-class education system, for those who seek such an education, UK is an ideal destination for your further study if can afford it. Let’s have a detailed look on AVERAGE tuition fees of UK universities or colleges:

Study Level Tuition Fee, Per Year, in CAD Tuition Fee, Per Year, in USD
Foundation / Pre-U Between 8000 to 23000 2,000 - 5,750
Diploma Between 6,000 - 30,000 1,500 - 7,500
Bachelor's degree Between 9,000 - 40,000 2,250 - 10,000
Master's degree Between 13,000 - 40,000 3,250 - 10,000

The UK promises a rich experience for international students, with an excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities. Most of the University of UK ranked as the best in the world. London is the capital of the UK and it is considered to be the world capital city of higher education with four universities being the top universities globally. Many international students take admission to UK university every year, so having a large number of international students on their campus indicates how much the British Universities value the diversity and this also represents how international students willing to study in the UK. The best part of studying the UK is you are going to meet talented and skilled students coming from all around the globe. Meeting and socializing with them will influence your life in so many ways.

Some of the University of the UK is mentioned below:

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of Cambridge

Cardiff University

Durham University

University of Edinburgh

University of Exeter

University of Glasgow

Imperial College London

King’s College London

University of Leeds

University of Liverpool

London School of Economics and Political Science

University of Manchester

Newcastle University

University of Nottingham

University of Oxford

Queen Mary, University of London

Queen’s University Belfast

University of Sheffield

University of Southampton

University College London

University of Warwick

University of York

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