Why Internship in Dubai ? :

Tourism and Hospitality are the two most popular internships in Dubai(UAE). There is a reason behind this, UAE has the world’s largest air carrier, Emirate Airlines, bringing travelers in packs, it’s no wonder there is clear cut demand for world-class tourism. Dubai is home to many regional and international banks, media corporations, software companies, manufacturers, oil, and gas companies. There is every type of internship programs available in Dubai. UAE has one of the most diversified economies, so it is obvious that if you intern in Dubai, it is perfect for diversifying that resume of yours.

The average duration of the internship in dubai varies from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the company and your internship course like Hotel Management, Management. Candidates can get placement in Dubai, after completing there internship, Most of paid internship in dubai get job offers very easily. The experience you will gain from your Dubai internship will help you make a dynamic career you are looking for. It will groom you and enhance your knowledge and skill to face a challenging world. Edu Brain Overseas provides you full support in your internship from Dubai, from start to end, and makes it easy and comfortable for you.

Popular Internship in Dubai :

  • Hotel Management Internship Dubai
  • MBA Internship in Dubai
  • ArchitectureInternship in Dubai
  • Hospitality Internship in Dubai
  • Salse & Mraketing Internship in Dubai
  • Automobile Internship in Dubai
  • Event Management Internship in Dubai
  • Fashion Design Internship in Dubai
  • Interior Design Internship in Dubai
  • Internship in Accountancy
  • Benifits Of Internship in Dubai :

    Dubai has every type of industry; you will surely get your choice of courses over there. Internship from Dubai is your best decision and can change your life certainly. There are many programs available for internship in Dubai, Let’s have a quick look at them:

    There are a number of programs offered by many companies in Dubai (UAE) for an internship. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Attractive Financial benefits.
    • Flexible working shifts.
    • Benefits of international travel cost.
    • Gives you practical experience.
    • You will be paid up to 80000 for your work even in the internship period.
    • You may get a job at the same company after the internship period but not the same with every company.
    • You can develop a global network.
    • You can become immersed in a new language.
    • Internship In Dubai

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