Singapore is a modern and vibrant island nation. Singapore may be small, but in the realm of higher education and researches, it is a big hitter. Over the past few decades, according to the series of world reports, it recognizes Singapore as a world leader in researches and innovation. In the context of global competitiveness and innovation, also the universities of Singapore gaining growing recognition, as Asian nations more generally strengthen their position in the education market. The universities of Singapore ranked in the work for reflecting its combination of educational excellence, high-quality life, and diverse student community.

Singapore is rapidly emerging as the most popular study destination in Asia and has outpaced the other Asian countries in terms of a world-class education. Singapore is popularly known as the IT and Business hub of Asia. Certainly, it is a small country with a booming and very stable economy. It is one of the safest places to pursue higher studies, especially for women. The best thing about Singapore is that they offer international students a high probability of in-country employment after graduation. The universities of Singapore are globally recognized and encourage independent learning.

Why Study In Singapore ?

Singapore is a peaceful and safest place for newcomers and women, also the top choice of many aspirants for further studies abroad. Singapore is one of the best destinations in Asia for pursuing courses like Hospitality & Tourism, Computer & IT, and Business Management. Singapore provides high-quality education, multiple intakes, the possibility of admission in top universities and visa arrangement without IELTS, shorter duration courses, affordable tuition fee, fast visa process with minimal financial documents, and if you want to do an internship also you will get either paid or unpaid internship depending upon your courses, duration, and availability. These are the several benefits of studying abroad in Singapore.

Universities of Singapore have great pride in maintaining high standards of teaching and learning. Also, the universities of Singapore have a strong link with industry, that simply defines you are able to gain practical experience along with your degree. This is the time when you kill two birds at the same time, it makes your study more interesting, and also you will find employment more easily. Certainly, Singapore is recognized as a “global schoolhouse” because it has a well developed educational system, provides numerous opportunities for international students. This makes Singapore the first choice of any students who want to study abroad.

The students who want to study abroad in Singapore will have the experience of a lifetime while laying the groundwork for the future at the forefront of your respective field. The reason why you should choose Singapore for further study is- You can get a scholarship as Singapore is the world’s greatest city but also the world’s most expensive city, so this scholarship will help you. You will study in one of the best education systems in the world. You will assure yourself an international degree highly valued by employers.

Cultural Diverse:

Singapore is heavily influenced by many cultures including Chinese, British, Malaysian, and Indian. There are diverse languages spoken over there but for the convenience of students who come from other countries, universities offer courses in the English language. Living in Singapore and studying over there is a great chance to learn more than one language and their cultures. Having another language mentioned in your CV will increase the traffic on your profile and looks fantastic on your resume. Such a wide range of cultures of Singapore makes it very accepting of others turning it into the perfect study destination for students across the world.


Singapore is known as a business hub, a global schoolhouse, and well developed with a powerful economy. Singapore’s universities have strong links with industry so that every student get placement and get a chance to work in high profile company and build their own network with industry professionals. Singapore is recognized as the best and most innovative country in the world. This nation has gained an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education, training, and disciplines.

Edu Brain Overseas helps you in getting admission in the top university of Singapore in a very simple way, please go through the process or contact us. Along with this ICA is a body that takes care of all the recognition and qualifications of students and also they take responsibility for student’s visa and S pass.

You will find every kind of course in universities in Singapore. As Singapore is a diverse nation with diverse languages, you will get to find your choice of courses in any way in the English language. But there are some of the popular courses offered by Singapore’s universities:

Engineering in all specialization means in any field which you like.

Business Management course

Health Science related courses

Information Technology program

Courses like Animation/VFX/Graphic Designing

Media & Communication course

Study of Hospitality Management

Course in Culinary Arts, Baking and Patisserie

Hotel Management course, one of the most popular course for international students.

Telecommunication course

Fine Arts course

Study of Environmental Science

Study of Computer Science

MBA & BBA (in all specialization)

The best part of studying in Singapore is that if you want to take a transfer or leave Singapore for any reason, you will easily get a transfer in any institution or universities of any other country like Australia, the US, or the UK. Singapore is home to 7000 or more MNC companies, so there are ample job opportunities for international students.

Singapore is a crowded but safe and efficient city-state. Singapore is also known for its cleanliness and it is also known for enjoying rapid economic growth in the second half of the twentieth century. That is why Singapore has to gain population density among the world’s highest, with the allure of such a strident economy and ease of doing business proving hard to resist for many immigrants. For your study, the tuition fee will depend upon where you take admission and in which course. The average cost of study for an international student is shown below:

Tuition Fees

If you are doing a Diploma then the fee is around 8000SGD – 15000SGD. SGD is the Singaporean Dollar. The duration of the diploma course is 1-2 years.

If you are doing UG courses or Bachelor courses, the duration is from 2-4 years and the tuition fee is around S$24,000 – S$40,000.

For Masters, the course duration is 1.5 – 2 years and the cost is around S$18,000 – S$30,000.

Don’t worry about high fees because you can reduce the fee by scholarship exams and also you will get a scholarship on a merit basis, depending upon your academic performance.


This will depend on students where they want to live, either in the university campus, university hostels or they want to take share accommodation means living in a place of their choice and paying their own. On average the food cost varies from S$250 – S$300 for students and if want to eat Indian food there is a place called “Mini India” you will get every Indian food, clothes, and any Indian items that you miss in Singapore. That is why this place is called mini India so that you cannot miss India in Singapore.

Singapore has a total of 34 universities, in which 6 are national universities. The National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are two highly ranked universities in the world with more than 30,000 students offering a wide range of courses in almost every field and a top university always has top-rated expertise and professionals ready for teaching you with the world-class education system and high standard teaching under professionals. Some other universities are mentioned below:

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)


Nanyang Institute Of Management Pte Ltd

Kaplan Higher Education Academy Pte Ltd

James Cook University Singapore

Dimensions International College Pte Ltd

Curtin Education Centre Pte Ltd

Singapore also collaborates with other national institutions for a better education system and providing a world-class education to the students. So that we can say Singapore is also home to a selection of recently established collaborative institutions, bringing together universities in Singapore with leading universities around the world. Singapore collaborates with the US, China, Australia, Dubai, and Canada for offering world-class education to its students. This will make Singapore the first choice for international studies for students.

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