Why Internship in Italy ?

Doing an internship is highly valued by employers and this is a key factor for developing a successful career, and if it is completed from such a country like Italy then it is perfect. Internship in Italy makes the process easy and also trustworthy. Start the first stage of your career with an internship in Italy and walk on professional work field life. Italy is a very beautiful European country many people go over there for a destination wedding; it’s beautiful scenery attracts tourists.

Italy is the eighth most powerful economy in the world and the European Union’s third most popular and powerful country. Apparently, Italy is a great place to get your foot in the door to the professional world through an internship abroad. European countries are always on the top list for any internship or academic studies, Europe’s preeminent southern nation offers a fun, educational, and culturally rich environment, where you can begin your international career. Pursue your internship in Italy and enjoy a sweet, peaceful life.

We at Edu Brain Overseas take care of every necessary thing and help you in getting the best company for internship. As mentioned above, Italy has a dynamic economy in which you can pursue an internship within a broad range of globally-oriented fields. Italy is highly regarded for its cultural and artistic integrity. Not only new aspirants but also many aspiring professionals choose Italy over other countries for internships in several fields. Internship in Italy will definitely place you at a focal point of global creativity.

Certainly, Italy is one of the largest exporters in the world and home to a bevy of companies with important roles on the global stage. The growing young professionals who prefer to work in the public sector might also look intern in Italy in some areas like education, health care, and international relations. The average duration of the internship in Italy last for 3–6 month, depending on your choice of course and your availability.

Italian cousins are world-famous, whether from wine, gelato, and pasta to the richness of the art and architecture to the friendly outgoing spirit among locals, Italy welcomes everyone with open arms. Intern in Italy is the perfect way to experience the warmth and excitement of this beautiful southern European country, along with taking productive steps toward a bright career in the global world with professional work experience. You will also be going to brush up your Italian language and learn Italian culture. In this way, it may bring good changes in both personal and professional life.

Programme Offered:

There are a number of internship programs offered by different Italian companies in different sectors. The popular destination for internship in Italy is Milan, Rome, and Turin. Also, the students will receive certification from the host company after the internship is finished. Some of the programs are mentioned below:

  • Internship in Administration
  • Internship in Advertisement and Communication
  • Internship in Art and cultures
  • Internship in Event Management
  • Internship in Fashion Designing
  • Internship in Graphics and Web Designing
  • Internship in Real Estates
  • Internship in Marketing
  • Internship in IT & Communication Technologies
  • Internship in Public Relation
  • Internship in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Internship in Finance

Italy provides the opportunity to explore one of the oldest civilizations on the earth while gaining valuable work experience. Italy is an interesting place and also can be an interesting market to keep in mind for your search for internship. At Edu Brain Overseas, we have a vast knowledge of different labor markets within the European Union as well as the regulations. So that we are capable to guide you toward a great in-company experience. If you are interested in our services, you just have to go through some process that is easy to complete and trustworthy. We guarantee you that we will provide you the desired outcome.


You will get a number of benefits while interning in Italy along with international work experience. Have a look at some of the major highlights from the Italy internship:

In Italy, you can pursue internships within a wide range of globally-oriented fields.Choosing an internship program in Italy can place you at a focal point of global creativity in your field.If you are still in your academic period, it might be a good idea to explore an internship program in Italy, which can offer courses for academic credits to supplement your daily work schedules. In this, you are able to do two things at the same time which is time-saving along with enjoying life in a place like Italy.In most of the company, you will get paid for your work but in some companies, they may often compensate you by other means like providing a house, meals, and transportation service, which is also quite good itself for adapting to a new city.

Italy provides countless internship opportunities to shadow experts and gets hands-on experience in your desired industry.Doing an internship from Italy will surely help you in your placement in top companies across the world because you have an international Italian certificate in your CV.Placement in Italy is confirmed.If you decide to stay longer in Italy because you are planning to work in the country, that is no problem! For a visa longer than three months you will always need a long-stay visa, also called the national visa. You need to apply for this visa in person at the Italian embassy. The following documents will be needed:

  • A valid passport
  • Arranged accommodation administration
  • Purpose of extending your stays such as a work permit or a university declaration
  • Proof of financial support during the stay

Keep in mind that the embassy can always demand more official papers. After the long-stay visa is approved, the visa will then be categorized for the purpose of staying in Italy such as a work visa, a student visa, or a family visa.

Internship In Italy

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