Why Internship in France ?

An internship is a smart way to start a long and promising career. If you want to do an internship then it is a clever way to gain relevant practical knowledge to the function of a business. Apart from these internships are also frequently identified as a job-oriented option, you will get a full-time or part-time job based on your company. If you wanted to test your skills in different career paths then internships are a convenient way to do so.

Internship basically lights up a path for students to see which industry could be attractive to explore after PG or UG. An internship extends your professional networks more than providing valuable and relevant experience, which may be proven by more valuable currencies in the modern industrial environment. The duration, type f the internships may vary, depending on your choice of course. It may be last for 6-months to 1-year.

While France is Europe’s second-largest economy and home to many companies from various industries. So, pursuing your internship program from France is not a regretful decision. France is the most popular destination among students and graduates or postgraduates to pursue internships in various industries. As France is an urbanized country many cities of France offer various opportunities to hunt for the job, either in the private sector or public sector. That is why France is the most popular choice for an internship or any other study for aspirants.

An internship in France is compelling for an individual who wants a competitive edge in the European industry or job market and a valuable chance to experience some best cultural activity in the region. Also, France had some laws and policies toward employees of their country that is why France is also known for its employee-friendly labor law that includes a minimum wage even for interns, 35-hours working in a week, and plenty of other standard contract settings and benefits. This makes France an ideal location to gain international work experiences.

Programme Offered:

There are a number of programs offered by many companies in France for an internship. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Hospitality and Tourist management
  • Fashion based internship
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication and Public Relation
  • Publicity, press, and journalism
  • Internship in Language House TEFL.
  • IES Abroad internship
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Audiovisual Media, Cinemas, and Televisions Architecture
  • Historical Places and museum
  • Internship in Computing and new technologies
  • Internship in Art, Art Museums, and Galleries
  • Internship in Social services, psychology, and health
  • Internship in Law, Politics, Government, and Public Administration.

These programs offer a unique way to acquire professional working experience, growing a tree of professional networks, and step up your foot where all doors open toward your success. This professional experience which you gain from these internship programs, enhance your skills and knowledge in your field.


There are a number of benefits of an internship from France. Doing an internship from abroad is one of the best and easiest ways to gain valuable work and life experience. Some of the highlights of internship from France are:

  • Attractive Financial benefits.
  • Flexible Assessment length.
  • Benefits of international travel cost.
  • Gives you practical experience.
  • You will be paid for your work even in the internship period.
  • You may get a job at the same company after the internship period but not the same with every company.
  • You can develop a global network.
  • You can become immersed in a new language.

In this competitive era of the job market, having a global experience under your belt is one of the precious and very best things you can do for your prospective career. Pursing any study or internship from any abroad countries always challenging, you will be challenged to adapt both personally and professionally, but the payoff this adaptation is enormous and worth it. Well, being an intern in France is a life-changing adventure, which you would always remember. While you have an international internship certificate in your hand or on your resume, the employers around the world will be impressed and eager to book you for the interview, and maybe in some cases, they will directly hire yours for their company. Moreover, you gained experience in both personal and professional life.

Internship In France

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