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6-Month & 1-Year International Internships in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, Dubai, Singapore play an important part in the education industry these days. They not only provide you with practical knowledge and experience but also help you to make your resume attractive. Edu Brain overseas helps you to select a suitable place and company where you want to do your internships.International internships also enhance your cultural ethics, personality development, Strengthen interpersonal skills and give you a chance to learn something new and meet different people from different countries.

In the end, you will quickly find that doing an internship abroad through Edu Brain fulfil all your expectations and that it promises to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for a life time. Apart from that Edu Brain offers you the chance to impress potential employers by proving your abilities and Skills to adapt to the new environment and of rising above the challenges that leaving everyone behinds.

Edu Brain Overseas International Internship program offers an internship in the field of Hospitality, Fashion Design, Beauty & Wellness.

Career Opportunities

Different Types of Internships with Popular Destinations
When it comes to interning abroad, the possibilities are endless, especially if you’re flexible about the country you’ll live and work in. Edu Brain Provides several opportunities for every level of expertise, field of study, and area of interest if you know where to look. Here are some examples of types of internships overseas and where they’re available:

Asia is the largest continent on earth. It borders to Europe and Africa on the west side, to the Arctic Ocean in the north, in the east and south-east to the North Pacific Ocean and to the Indian Ocean in the south. As the world looks to the young populations of Asia to drive economic growth in the world, Asian countries offers fantastic opportunities for interns in the fields of Hotel Management, business, finance, marketing, retail, and technology and kick start ups. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, and Beijing are fast-paced, and life here can be incredibly exciting for young professionals.

Working in hotels, restaurants, cafés, and tour companies in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, even if they don’t speak the local language will be a good opportunity for Interns in tourism and Hospitality Sector.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
The United Arab Emirates is an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly along the Persian (Arabian). Dubai is the site of ultra modern Burj Khalifa tower, enormous shopping centers and extravagant entertainment attractions. UAE offers fantastic opportunities for students to go for international internships. For starters, the city offers an exotic, vibrant atmosphere for everyone, but especially for youth. It is very easy to blend work and play during an internship in Dubai as you feel like home stay. UAE would be a good platform for students to do internship in Tourism, Hotel Management, Finance, Banking, Media and many more.

There are lots of opportunities available in countries like France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, if you are interested in politics, international relations, diplomacy, or international development. An internship in this specific regions opens the doors to permanent employment and career advancement in the longer term.

There are plenty of seasonal internships available in tourism and hospitality sector, working at resorts, hotels, and as guides or administrative staff in tour companies in Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, and Berlin, among other cities.

Interns Interested in Biologists, nature, marine, and wildlife conservation, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of internships in Australia, New Zealand, and islands such as Fiji. Majorly these are seasonal Internships.

Artists, illustrators, designers, and other creative will find opportunities in Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

A vast number of tourism and hospitality internships are available in both Australia and New Zealand with interns from around the world working with ski resorts, hotels, cafés, restaurants, safari operators, and adventure tour companies.

Gain Importance of International Internships/ Why International Internships are important.

Edu Brain International Internship helps you to search for an internship abroad, if you want to gain international exposure as working as an intern in another country will be an advantage in your career path and will also makes your resume strong to get better opportunities all over the world. Every Student has different Perspective/Motivation to do Internship Abroad. With the Guidelines of Edu Brain Experts, you will get to know which country or path is best suitable for you:

You may want to intern at a particular company with a zeal to work for them permanently in the future and it may be that they need to do interns only in a certain location.

Sometimes Students are interested in an internship abroad might be for life time experience in a certain country. In that case, you are more flexible about the position, field, or firm, as long as you can intern in that specific country or region.

You may want to intern abroad while you study abroad to earn an income. In such a case, you would be more focused on paid internships.

Benefits of International Internships

In the competitive state of today’s job market, having global work experience is one of the very best things you can do for your prospective career.

You can choose from a diverse range of fields.

Whatever field you are interested in, from Hotel Management to fashion designing, there are whole lot of internship placements waiting for you, and Edu Brain helps you to find the best one for you.

You can live and work anywhere in the world.

Provides real lifetime experience and exposure.

You can make your transform from college life to the real world.

You can stronger your CV.

You can develop a global network worldwide.

You can enhance your skills in a new language, new culture and new environment.

You will become an applicant for the employer that stands out from the crowd.

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