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The Edu Brain Overseas, Run By Education Brains Pvt Ltd, and Edu Brain Overseas Project Mgmt. Services UAE Edu Brain Overseas is innovative Education-Tech organization continuously endeavors to recruit students who want to seek higher education abroad (Singapore,Canada, Australia, Dubai, France, etc.). With a perfect blend of technology and personalized counselling, we help students contextualize real-world experience and learn the local business culture, intercultural interaction, professional growth, nurturing connections, and networking between local and global industry trends.When you apply for a summer internship abroad, we work to match you with the internship opportunity that meets your needs.Edu Brain Overseas takes pride in nurturing these aspirations and helping millions of Indians and hundreds of educational institutions prepare for the world. Your international experience starts with Edu Brain Overseas, one of the largest education consultancies in Delhi (India),representing over 300 education institutions globally. Our network of 10 offices in 4 cities is managed by a team of more than 50+ experienced personnel. We offer free counselling to students aspiring to study in Canada, Australia, Singapore..

In a globalized world, surviving and interning abroad is a critical career option that can determine your very future. After finishing an internship, your professional experience, skills,and confidence will help you and your résumé stand out and provide a competitive edge. You'll intern, explore the culture around you, and succeed in your future career. At Edu Brain Overseas, we work with our students and determine their career goals and interests and guarantee* that they will match them with an appropriate internship experience in the city and term of your choice.Edu Brain Overseas brings you a high-quality, well-rounded experience from a trusted organization. Before you leave for your internship or placement abroad, our experts work with you to perfect your résumé, cover letter, and interview skills to put your best foot forward with potential employers. We also help our participants gain context and prepare for future professional opportunities in the global environment..

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Welcome you to the One stop solution to study Abroad.

Course & Program Guidance

Get advice from university representatives on best suitable program on Admissions Day To make education abroad a stress-free experience

Meet Expert

We give emphasis to your priorities and guide you keeping your ambitions in mind. We are just a call away!

Avail Application Fee Waiver

Get application fee waived on applications submited on Admissions Day

Application Processing

Quick turnaround for all the applications submitted on Admissions Day

On the Spot Profile Assessment

Get your profile assessed by universitiy representatives on Admissions day and know your application outcome

Advice on your visa

Get answers to all your queries based on Education loans & Student VISA Application

Edubrain Overseas Vision & Mission

Building on our core Vision & Mission, we are committed to living our values and making a difference both locally and globally.

Our Mission
To be a fair, valued & profitable institution with a healthy portfolio of happy customers. Our mission is to enable the freedom of financial access across the country by building inclusive financial algorithms and models that shall look at potential financing rather than the usual route of pure-play credit financing
Our Vision
Edu Brain Overseas helps in planning, designing, executing national and international vocational courses with the latest technology for vocational training in areas having wage/self-employ ability; thereby increasing and developing youth participation in the economic & social development of the globes
Our Motto
Our motto is to Develop, evolve and succeed our Students in over World.

We offer innovative financial solutions with delivery to a wide network of students, as well as to a range of schools, colleges and universities to develop a nation that takes pride in creating remarkable minds.

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An Edubrain Overseas qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to make you employable, anywhere in the world

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