Visa & Admission Process

Every country has a different visa procedure for students entering to study.

We at Edubrain Overseas have thorough knowledge of every country extensively and hence can help our students efficiently. We make students and parents both understand the visa procedure from the start of the counseling as preparing the funds is not an immediate task. We don’t want a student to miss attending a university, as his/her funds were not prepared in right manner.

Admission Procedure

Making a perfect application to the university is an art and at Edubrain Overseas, we pay utmost attention at this step.

The primary preparation involves gathering all the necessary documents required for application for that particular country. After the documents are prepared then we proceed to make the applications maintaining the deadlines. Every university places application deadlines and hence it is very crucial to start early and finish it on time.

To make this possible we at Edubrain Overseas make it very structured for you. We provide you the list of documents to prepare and help and guide you the method to attain it. This step is the most time consuming, as you are dependent on external entities. Once collected we proceed to shoot our applications.